Friday, April 24, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

GuD LaK To EveRyBodY..

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Good Luck for the Day,
May Success come Your Way,

May Your Day Be Full of Fun,
May You Impress Everyone,

May You get No Stress,
May You be Blessed with Happiness,

May God give Your Grace,
May You Keep a Smiling Face,

May Your Wishes come True,
May You Enjoy whatever You Do,

And At Last I would say,
May You Have a Beautiful Day !

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It's your first recital
we wish the best for you
Know that you can do it
you're good at all you do

We're here to cheer you on
and back you all the way
Wishing you much success
for that special day

Good Luck!

SpeCiaL NoTe FoR Ma GanG..

Dear Adel, Shah, n Abg Aman..

Our exam jus around da corner..wanna have study group guys?seems like im having so much butterfly in my nervous for da coming exam..huhu..neway..wish all of u a very gud lak for dis exam..chaiyokk2..!!!


HaNgiN' OuT WiF Ma BesFweN